Susan has helped me develop several personal programs over the last few years. Each program is so different and really meets a person where they are to help them grow spiritually. I feel like in the time I have worked with Susan, that I am completely changed and know that her work has helped me develop my own inner vision, my intuition, to trust myself and to live my life with a loving heart.

Manager Government Affairs, CO

I am a WHOLE LOT BETTER than I was before my visit to you! I can now bend over the sink in the morning to splash water on my face when I shave WITHOUT excruciating pain. It’s not that there is no pain, but it has stepped back from debilitating. For this miracle I am grateful to you! Thanks!

Industrial Designer, PA

I am doing great! My most recent scans showed that my lesions in the lung have shrunk dramatically, and the Dr. thinks they are inactive! The combination of the in-hospital treatments and your work are paying dividends. Thanks- the results are gratifying.


After our session I felt light, clear and like I could finally move forward in my life.

Accountant, NJ

Thank you for the telephone session, it really help me out… I finally spoke to the people at my last job and cleared everything up, basically ended everything in a good note, I also feel more at ease with finding a job.

R. F.
Quality control Surveyor, FL

Before this work I spent most of thirty years searching for ways to discover and live my best and truest life – with therapists and well meaning friends and churches, in Self Help books and all kinds of classes. After only a few Geo Tran sessions, old hurts and disappointments that I’d been dragging around with me were wiped clear away as if in the blink of an eye! I now live truly free in the glorious present moment reality that is my life. When I was ready to take another step further, I asked Susan to help me bring family harmony to my marriage and role as stay at home parent of two teenagers and an infant. Within a few months we went from unhealthy entanglements to living as an equal but connected unit. What a gift to be able to love the people around you as they are meant to be versus how you want them to be. With everyone in their proper position, everyone can thrive…everyone wins! That’s true harmony, and I have Susan to thank for helping me achieve it quickly and gracefully. This work has completely transformed my life, and the lives of those around me. Words cannot express my gratitude for Susan.

New Jersey


Susan, you are a true master and an impeccable teacher. You’ve been such a transformative presence in our life. THANK YOU! From the bottom of our hearts! Because of your remarkable work, so much of our inner and outer damage has been restored. Now we are left with freedom and passion for life, deeper relationship with Divine, and hundreds of practical tools to maintain our personal and family balance. There is no one we can recommend more!

Stay-at-home Mother, NY

I’ve been trying to release painful personal attachment that was huge drain of my energy for years, without much success. Then in one day while taking a Gems of Excellence class, I received integration from Susan and my attachment was gone for good. My son lost the need to rebel (and whole family benefited from it), and I gained SO much energy I never knew I could have!!! Thank you Susan for this tremendous gift!

Meridian Tapping Coach, NJ

Through Susan and her amazing work, my life has begun to transform from yearning to achieve to living achievement. Step by step, miracle by miracle, my marriage is now possible; my children are no longer a mystery. We have been blessed with a genuine restoration of health life and fun! Her intimate attention to my needs and schedule is super accommodating. Thank you thank you thank you Susan.

Business owner, NY

Since I began participating in your workshops I have dropped a 10 year drug addiction. I am, for the first time in my life, really comfortable being in my own body. In fact, I now love being in my body, I feel at home, safe, warm, and loved. The work that you do is truly remarkable, joyful and efficient. Thank you so much for your genuine and wonderfully generous presence.

Massage Therapist, FL

My biggest and most significant change is…….. I no longer experience PMS symptoms. I used to get bloated, aching muscles and breast tenderness….gone. In addition, work is no longer making me nuts. Hurray!

Insurance, NY

I highly recommend Susan March’s classes to anyone. I can tell you first hand that her one day class turned my “hopefully one day ” dream, into a reality in the now.

Chiropractor, NJ

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift of Gems. The lessons I have learned from you are remarkable and life changing. My entire life has been changed at a rate so rapid it’s amazing. You make a super teacher and I appreciate your help, insight, and connection to God.

Teacher, PA

What an amazing weekend! I really feel different after this weekend. It’s like something clicked, such a freedom inside

Stay-at-home Mother, FL