Our Classes

Are you experiencing stress? Grief? Pain?

Do you want to improve relationships? Unlock talents and creativity?

Consider attending a class to learn simple techniques to use on yourself and others to integrate mind, body and spirit. 

In our classes you can learn:

  • To think more clearly
  • Overcome dyslexia 
  • Increase memory
  • Minimize stress
  • Build self-esteem
  • Conquer fears and phobias

Who can benefit?

Business professionals, educators, health professionals – everyone!

2023 Teaching Schedule

Gems of Excellence I – Aug 5th – Aug 6th – 2023 – Copenhagen, DenmarkRegistration for this event is closed. 

Gems of Excellence II – Aug 12th – Aug 13th – 2023 – Copenhagen, DenmarkRegistration for this event is closed. 

Classes Available To Be Taught:

Take the next step on your road to success with one of these classes!
  • Gems of Excellence I
  • Gems of Excellence II
  • Circles of Life Level IV
  • Circles of Life Level V
  • Circles of Life Level VI
  • Circles of Life Level VII
  • Circles of Life Level VIII
  • Circles of Life Level XV
  • Surrender to Excellence
  • Standard of Excellence
  • Point of Excellence
  • Surrender to Wholeness
  • Fourth Dimensional America… Just Say Yes!
  • Planetary SELF Healing
  • Universal SELF Healing
  • Galactic SELF Healing
  • Vision and Hearing Program
  • Bubba Jr. Teaches His Friends GEOTRAN™
  • Camelot Awakened
  • Phobia, Addictions and Illness
  • Journey to the Heart of God
  • Divine Placement Integration

Contact Susan today to schedule a class in your area!

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