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About Rose Institute

Susan March, of Rose Institute, has assisted thousands of people of all ages to make rapid transformations in a wide variety of areas: personal blocks, issues of the past, maintenance of health, and the manifestation of goals and dreams.


I am doing great! My most recent scans showed that my lesions in the lung have shrunk dramatically, and the Dr. thinks they are inactive! The combination of the in-hospital treatments and your work are paying dividends. Thanks- the results are gratifying.



I am a WHOLE LOT BETTER than I was before my visit to you! I can now bend over the sink in the morning to splash water on my face when I shave WITHOUT excruciating pain. It’s not that there is no pain, but it has stepped back from debilitating. For this miracle I am grateful to you! Thanks!


Industrial Designer PA

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift of Gems. The lessons I have learned from you are remarkable and life changing. My entire life has been changed at a rate so rapid it’s amazing. You make a super teacher and I appreciate your help, insight, and connection to God.


Teacher, PA

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