About Rose Institute

Susan March founded the Rose Institute in York, PA, in 1994.  Since then thousands of people, from very young children to senior citizens, have come to her for assistance in making rapid changes in their lives.  For example, she helps them to overcome personal blocks or clear issues from their past, or to improve their health, or to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.

In addition to working with individual clients, Susan teaches many specialized classes in Dorothy Wood Espiau’s Gems of Excellence programs both at the Rose Institute and in cities across the country.  She also consults with businesses.

Susan brings to her vocation 15 years of nursing experience, 29 years of immersion in the innovative field work of Dorothy Wood Espiau, and the gift of deep intuitive insight.  Susan and her husband of 39 years have two sons.  In addition to her family and her work, she loves music, gardening, biking, and cooking.